Arthur Noah Siegel

for Illinois State Representative 14th District

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STOP Political corruption : Ideas to stop corruption:

1. Candidates cannot accept direct donations

2. All donations must be made to the state of Illinois

3. The state of Illinois will distribute campaign funds to candidates

4. All candidates only have (a cap) allotment .25 cents per registered voter per election cycle

5. Term limits for leadership positions

Cleaning up the environment Illinois and beyond :

1. Have a path to renewable energy ( power Grid )

2. Have a path to carbon emissions to 0% ( Automotive )

3. Food supply BAN ALL pesticides herbicide and insecticides

that are known cancer causing products

4. Food supply have a path to all natural pesticides herbicide and insecticides

5. A ban on Genetically Modified Organism ( GMOs )

Government Visibility :

1. State budget breakdown on paycheck stubs

STOP Healthcare for profit : I am for Medicare for all

Healthcare providers on pricing and for example CT scan was a 469% difference in pricing

1. Healthcare provider pricing regulations

2. BAN on ALL T.V / radio and print adds for prescription drugs

3. Pharmaceutical pricing - the state of Illinois will fine pharmaceutical companies found price gouging

4. pharmaceutical company can not solicit Doctors or providers

Putting Doctors back in control of your heath :

1. Insurance can not deny any treatment /or delay

2. Big providers can not deny any treatment / or delay

Getting out of debt :

1. Legalize marijuana : In Colorado raised $135 million dollars in taxes

2. Increase corporate tax

3. Bring new energy manufacturing technology to Illinois

4. Stop over spending

5. Raise minimum wage to $25. Taxes dollars in one year $600 million

6. Get rid of primary elections We can save $104 million

City/county :

1. No sub contractors/private companies for any city/county services






Martin Luther King

Nikola Tesla
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